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Gambling behaviour


Gaming houses are now allowed to operate online games provided they obtain a licence. How does this affect the health and gaming behaviour of gamblers during the Covid-19 pandemic? How to protect gamblers from excessive gambling and the jeopardization of their financial situation? Is exclusion from gambling an effective measure in this respect?

Keywords: longitudinal study, addiction behaviours, gambling activities, gaming on the Internet, response rate, protecting gamblers, lockdown, exclusion of gamblers, quality of life, addiction treatments and prevention, data protection, anonymity, representative sample, early screening.

Number of pages: 50

Addiction care services


Keywords: addiction care services, national survey, data collection methods, coordination, typology of services, steering policies, strategies, comparison of services, analysis and possible evolution.

Amount of words: 4,770

Addiction Strategy


Keywords: addiction treatment and prevention, behavioural addictions, gaming, cyberaddiction, smartphones, alcohol use, smoking, cannabis use, cocaïne use, heroin use, equal access to treatment and prevention, general population, risk of addiction, health policy, quality of life, prevention, early screening, harm and risk reduction, age, sex, level of education, professional activity, experience of migration, civil status, rural vs. urban, statistics, measuring instruments.

Number of pages: 8

Spirituality and ethics


Baptising asylum seekers


What answers should be given to asylum seekers who wish to be baptised and thereby convert to Christianity? What is the link between their asylum application and their wish to be baptised? How to guide them through this process? What resources are needed?

Key words: principle of apostasy, asylum seekers, removal centre, candidates for baptism, asylum application procedure, guidance towards baptism, family circle, Bible reading group, prayer group, Sunday school, inculturation, refugee counselling centre, commission for cases of hardship, preparation course for baptism, coffee mornings.

Number of pages: 15

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The desire to have a child


Whose desire are we talking about here? The adult’s desire to have a child? The desire experienced by the unborn or born child? Do the normative model of parenthood and the patriarchal order of our Western societies play a role in the way we perceive natural or medically-assisted human reproduction? At what point can a being be considered autonomous? What place should be given to the dignity of the unborn child?

Keywords: medically assisted reproduction, Swiss law, best interests of the child, prenatal life, stigmatisation of unmarried couples, normative model of parenthood, principle of dignity and autonomy, objective biological life, subjective biographical life, life as Creation, predictability, birth rate, traditional patriarchal order, Creatures of God.

Wordcount: 2 270

Preparation course for confirmation


How can we help young people prepare for the confirmation of their Protestant faith? What resources need to be mobilised and what priorities should be considered? What are the needs of young people in this area and how can they be met? How should we think about the church of tomorrow? Asking these questions allows to take a fresh look at the preparation of young people for confirmation.

Keywords : religious orientation, Protestantism, sense of belonging to the community, religious socialisation, search for one’s identity, parishes, spiritual guidance, positive experiences, personal goals, the role of parents, thinking about the Church of the future.

Amount of words: 2,945

The pandemic crisis


Keywords : Pandemic crisis, the Fall of man, Exodus, desert, fears, vulnerability, dangers, the Bible, the Flood, wandering away from God, crisis, introspection, community, love of one’s neighbour, virus, contamination, desert, salvation, hostility, existential threat, absence of landmarks, absence of destination, openness, concentration of space, wandering, search for orientation, obsolescence of prognosis, labyrinth, over-determination, anarchy, closeness to God, spiritual path, Covenant, finitude, temptation, recollection, prayer, introspection, communion, Last Supper, civil obligations, Christian missions, coronavirus.

Number of pages: 20

Abundance or shortage? A perspective on life.


Key words: abundance, prosperity, insecurity, shortage, social resources, solidarity, competitive environment, uncertainties, distrust, human rights, asylum seekers, justice, law enforcement, the criminalisation of solidarity, brotherhood, God’s creatures, the commitment of the Church, making room, freeing up space.

Number of pages: 4

Ecology and sustainable development


The effects of light pollution on fauna


What are the effects of artificial light on the behaviour of bats, moths, beetles, reptiles and birds: sleep, reproduction, habitat, life span, feeding? Which types of lighting are the least harmful to wildlife? These are some of the questions that the scientific literature tries to answer.

Keywords: attraction effect, artificial lights, mercury-vapour lamp, high-pressure sodium-vapour lamps, insect orders, zoocenosis, light traps, habitats, correlation analysis, light bulbs, spectral range, hymenoptera, diptera, woody plants, biocenosis, luminance, moths, greenhouse, UV radiations, species protection.

Number of pages: 15

Climate justice


What is the link between our consumption patterns in Northern countries and the vulnerability of people in the South in the face of extreme weather events such as hurricanes, floods and drought? What is the responsibility of the countries that emit the highest amount of greenhouse gases towards countries whose natural resources are overexploited and human rights are violated? How can justice be done?

Key words: climate change, climate justice, agricultural seeds, ecological agricultural practices, global warming, excessive consumption of meat, new CO2 legislation, freeing investment portfolios from fossil fuels, responsibilities, solidarity, leeway, reducing plastic use, seasonal food, the power of restraint.

Amount of words: 5,794



Sub-distribution board


Keywords: Sub-distribution board, switch unit, billing metering panel, three-position switch-disconnector, vacuum circuit-breaker, in run of busbar, current transformer, voltage sensor, cable connector, electromagnetic interlocking, earthing transformer panel, transformer substation, protection system, requirements, certification, guidelines.


Number of pages: 93

The treatment of waste electrical and electronic equipment


Keywords: requirements, directive, recommendations, electrotechnical standardisation, dismantling workshops, certified management systems, waste movements, water protection, protection against noise, air protection, health and safety, legal compliance, storage, fractions, installation, depolluting, fluff-light fractions, plastic fractions, metal fractions, waste reclamation rate, waste accounting, follow-up audit.

Number of pages: 60



Collective walks


Keywords: take a step, take a stand, non-violent practice, political protest march, disobedience, landscape, the impact of human beings, footprints, marking a limit, political and cultural borders, masculine influence, collective walks, pace, no hierarchy.

Number of pages: 8



Clinical trial


For the sake of representativeness, it is paramount for clinical trials to ensure the highest possible participation rate to the study. It is therefore crucial to communicate clearly and concisely with study participants about the objectives and procedures of the study and to guide them through the different steps. Have you ever participated in a clinical research study in which you were satisfied with the quality of the information received, both in form and content?

Keywords: study medication, clinical research study, letter, Patient ID card, poster, brochure, study guide, thank you card, patient, caregiver, informed consent, placebo, control group, study team, investigator, study participation, safety, screening, treatment, follow-up, physical examination, blood tests, urine tests, electronic diary, study visits, questionnaire.

Number of pages: 25

Quality circles


Key words : Health professionals, training course, moderators, quality circles, communications techniques, choosing a topic, quality improvement cycle, audit, continuous quality improvement cycle, indicators, co-moderation, group forming, group work, conflict management, guidelines, criteria, Plan-do-check-act, data collection, qualitative methods, ethics, logistics, evidence-based practice, medical audit.

Number of pages: 98

Elderly people, health data and information technology


Key words: community-dwelling elderly people, health information and communication technologies, quality and cost of healthcare services, levels of reluctance vs. acceptance, confidentiality, vulnerability, ethical concerns, data accessibility, health profiles, quality of life and care, self-completed questionnaire, longitudinal study, study design, representative sample.

Number of pages: 24

Substance use, risk factors and treatments

Keywords: opioid use disorder, overdose, mortality, methadone, naltrexone, benzodiazepine, guidelines, Medicare, dual use, adjusted hazard ratio, adjusted relative risk, overlapping prescriptions, risk factor, tapering off, buprenorphine, detoxification admission, retrospective cohort study, adherence, addiction treatment, high-risk groups, chronic condition, arbitrary time limits.
Amount of words : 3 000
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Psychoactive medicine


Keywords: painkillers, sleeping pills, sedative drugs, psychostimulants, prevalence, regional differences in substance use, age, sources of supply, daily intake.

Number of pages: 3

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