General conditions and terms of sale       01.01.2019

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1. General terms and conditions of sale

Any assignment contracted with Eidenbenz Translation entails that the customer accepts the following general terms.

2. Rates

Should the customer set a very short delivery deadline, an emergency scale will increase the applied rates and will be specified in the quote and order confirmation. The ordered translation or proofreading can only be executed upon complete written order confirmation in the form of a signed order form or an email confirmation by the customer.

3. Customer’s commitments

Texts to be translated or proofread are provided by the customer in the form of a hard copy or an electronic document. The customer shall provide Eidenbenz Translation with any complementary information (glossary, lexicon, definitions of acronyms, other reference texts) necessary for the translation or proofreading job upon order confirmation. The customer undertakes to submit source texts to Eidenbenz Translation in due time, as agreed in the order confirmation.

4. Liability of Eidenbenz Translation

Eidenbenz Translation undertakes to have any translation or proofreading carried out by Charlotte Eidenbenz, translator and/or by the qualified linguistic partners with whom it collaborates to carry out a project. In the latter case, Eidenbenz Translation undertakes to inform the client and to sign an agreement with its linguistic partners, in particular to guarantee the quality of the service and the confidentiality of the documents entrusted.

In accordance with contract law, the translation or proofreading must be of loyal quality, complying with the code of conduct of the profession. Eidenbenz Translation undertakes to treat any document provided by customers as well as their respective translated or proofread version as strictly confidential, and not to forward, sell, nor rent customers’ personal contact details to any third party.

5. Payment conditions

Rates are established in Swiss francs on the basis of the number of words for translation jobs and of an hourly rate for proofreading jobs. Invoices issued by Eidenbenz Translation are exempt from VAT, in accordance with art. 10 al. 2a of the Swiss law on VAT. The customer is to pay invoices on a net basis by bank transfer, Paypal or cash within sixty days after its issue. Any belated payment will entail in its own right that the legal interest rate in force be applied to the amount invoiced for every month of delay. Any order above 3,000 CHF (net) requires the customer to pay a 50% deposit to Eidenbenz Translation upon order confirmation. Upon cancellation of a contractual assignment while translation or proofreading is in progress, customers are to pay Eidenbenz Translation for the work executed so far on a pro rata basis. Should the recovery of a claim require legal action (e.g. a suit), the amount of the penal claim will be increased by 10%, and the costs of the services provided by an attorney will be charged by Eidenbenz Translation to the customer.

6. Responsibility of Eidenbenz Translation

Eidenbenz Translation does not accept responsibility for the content of source documents to be translated or proofread, nor for the modifications applied to the source text by third parties after it was translated by Eidenbenz Translation, nor for the impossibility of a quality translation or proofreading when the source text is deficient or when the delivery deadline cannot be met due to events of force majeure. The responsibility of Eidenbenz Translation is confined to the total value of the contractual assignment and to the translation or proofreading of texts.  Any deficiency in the translated or proofread text or regarding the time or form of delivery must be reprimanded by the customer in writing by registered letter within 30 days after delivery. No reprimand is likely to justify partial or full payment offset or retention by the customer.

7. Copyright

The customer guarantees that he holds copyright over the source text to be translated or proofread, and that the translation or proofreading by Eidenbenz Translation shall by no means breach existing copyright. The customer agrees that Eidenbenz Translation is not subject to any lawsuit, legal action, loss or damage following an infraction made by the customer with regard to copyright issues.

8. Author’s revisions

Author’s revisions of the source text after Eidenbenz Translation has translated it or during the progress of translation shall be charged in addition to the contractual assignment on the basis of the amount of words revised.  This applies for proofreading, too, except when author’s revisions are minor. In this case, author’s revisions are proofread without additional charge. This may be useful, for example, when scientific manuscripts need minor revisions by the author as required by reviewers of journals. Eidenbenz Translation recommends that author’s revisions be tracked in the source text, e.g. with the « track changes » option in MS Word/Excel.

9. Place of jurisdiction

Place of jurisdiction is Vevey, Switzerland.

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