Bastien Matthey and Joseph Duron

Engineers at Siemens Suisse SA

« Siemens Suisse SA has asked Charlotte Eidenbenz to edit and translate a catalogue from German into French.

The language used to describe the electrotechnical products in this document is highly technical.

Our collaboration with Charlotte Eidenbenz was very satisfying as she has used the accurate terminology and polished the page layout. All in all, she provided a good level of quality.”

2019, Switzerland

Alexandre Bugnon

Co-founder, societe-ecran media Sàrl

“Charlotte has always been very professional and, most importantly, very responsive to our requests – some of which have been last-minute. I’m really looking forward to our future collaborations.”

2018, Switzerland

Tom Eeles

Founder, BEAT Fitness

“Charlotte is able to provide timely accurate translations that are well adapted to the business context. I would recommend her highly.”

2016, Switzerland

Prof. Gerhard Gmel

Project manager, Addiction Suisse; Professor associé, Médecine des addictions CHUV

“I have worked with Eidenbenz Translation for several years now. The translations really are remarkable and of an extremely high quality; proof of a deep understanding of scientific texts.”

2018, Switzerland

Anahide Bondolfi

Founder and director, Abeco Sàrl

“I really appreciated Charlotte’s responsiveness as well as the quality of her translation work. It was always very precise and easy to read.”

2018, Switzerland

Stéphane Chemin

Founder and director, Ecoter Sàrl

“The work was accepted quickly and efficiently, the deadline was met, and the page layout made it very easy to work between the 2 documents. It was an enormous help for our partners who needed the translation done as quickly as possible in order to begin a contract.”

2018, France

Céline Eidenbenz

Director of the Valais Art Museum

“Charlotte Eienbenz has helped me improve texts I have written in English. She has also worked for the Valais Art Museum, of which I am the Director. She translated and corrected several texts in English and French about contemporary art, including for the “Let’s Walk” exhibition in 2017 (see PDF). Her work is precise, thorough, and fits well in the cultural environment. I have always been very happy with her work and would recommend her services to anyone.”

2019, Switzerland

Thomas Flügge

Head of communication, Diakonie Schweiz

“Charlotte Eidenbenz provides professional and rapid translation services. She knows how to immerse herself in the context of the text and how to adopt the appropriate style and tone of the writer.”

2018, Switzerland

Alexia Ryf

Research assistant, Valais Art Museum

“Attentive, rigorous, and efficient, Charlotte is an excellent translator. She is a vital collaborator when it comes to multi-lingual projects and we have always been 100% satisfied with her work. We highly recommend Charlotte.”

2018, Switzerland

Béatrice Boueri

Senior Consultant & Executive coach, pdp performance development partners sa

“Charlotte did some excellent translation work for us. She is always extremely professional in her approach and in all our exchanges with her.”

2018, Switzerland

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