Charlotte Eidenbenz


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My professional experiences in Switzerland
I graduated from Lausanne University with a Master’s degree in Arts:  English Literature and Linguistics, History and Social Sciences. I have taught English at IBM, Crédit Suisse, Jeuncomm and Supercomm in Switzerland. After working for eight years in project management in the fields of higher education and research in public health, I have been working full-time as an independant translator since 2016 in Switzerland.

Continuous professional development

Committed to improving my translation and proofreading skills, I regularly participate in relevant workshops, conferences, and training programmes provided by professional or academic institutions.

In spring 2022, I took a training course about inclusive language in French provided by Isabelle Meurville: “Ecrire sans Exclure“.

Enough about me ...

Let me know what your needs are and I will be more than happy to help you.